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Grant Writing

Write To Work can search, double check your eligibility and apply for your grant, whether you're a business, charity or not for profit.  Please note Write to Work does not write grants on a commission or success contingent basis.

Write To Work offers personal services.  We care about your success.  If we help you win that grant and get your funding, you'll likely recommend our services. 


 Did you know you're 500 times more likely to read an advertorial than a straight ad?
In a test done by Reader’s Digest, an advertorial for the magazine pulled 81 per cent more orders than identical copy that looked like an ad.

But did you know many publications would prefer you booked advertorial space, rather than an ad?  And that it may cost less and get better results?  Before you purchase another ad, contact us about writing a story that gets better return for your advertising investment.


Blogging isn't just about ensuring your website has fresh content.  Or for optimizing your page for search engines.  Don't get me wrong, those things are important, but a well crafted blog shows the character of your business.  Your personality.  

It's a way of bringing your brand to life,  zeroing in on your target audience and creating your best customers.  And what do you give your best customers?  Behind the scenes access.  The sneak preview of your latest and greatest.   The secrets of your success.  

Make friends, and customers, by hiring us to write your blog. 

Grant Writing Application Costs

 Depending on what services you're looking for, it can cost as little as $500.00 for your application to be polished and made submission ready.  If you need potential grant research done, as well as start to finish application writing for a multi-million dollar grant, it could be $10,000.00, or more.  However, the majority of clients hire Write to Work for projects that take approximately 30 hours, which comes to $2,250.00.   

Need a funding proposal written for a potential investor or funder, but don't have the staff that can spend the time?  Hire Write to Work on a per project basis.  


Write to Work wins.  Recent grant wins (since Feb., 2019) include Going Global Innovation and Can Export.  

Pending decisions on grants written; New Horizons and Canadian Experiences for Forest Kiwanis Club.


Karen Cummings of Write to Work has written grants for; Connex Fund, County of Elgin, Town of Cochrane, Kingsway BIA, and others that have included; Celebrate Ontario, Summer Experience Program, Going Global Innovation, Can Export, Infrastructure Fund, New Horizons, Canadian Experience Fund, etc.

She has had articles published in Lake Erie Living, Niagara Life, Niagara Bride, Out Here, Ontario Farmer, Aylmer Express, etc.  

Advertorials have been published in Horizons, Expansion Solutions, and mechanical and engineering sector publications.