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We work for you to write compelling copy that sells, explains, motivates or convinces your target audience. 


Write Experience

Drawing from a diverse career background spanning talent agent, event producer, dog kennel owner/operator, reporter/journalist to manager of a polar bear habitat, senior writer Karen Cummings has penned everything from business strategies, to scripts, to million dollar grant applications.  Her clients and/or employers have included The Canadian Olympic Association, Molson Breweries, Niagara Life, Lake Erie Living, Elgin County, The Town of Cochrane, Connex Fund, Lifestories.com, Livewire, Trilogy, ICE, Kodak, among many others.

Karen Cummings  of Write To Work, providing writing services at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat

The Write Story?

“I’ve loved every career and been extremely lucky to have reached or exceeded my goals in each one. I’ve had the chance to work with great talent, open buildings, raise money for great causes, attract hundreds of thousands of people to huge events and even make the largest polar bear habitat in the world. But I think I like offering writing services best. I get to ask really tough questions, learn about incredibly interesting people and businesses, and, if I do it well, see immediate results. I want you to get those grants. I want the media to call and write stories about you. I want you to stomp all over the competition. That means I’ve done my job, and I can be proud of what I do.”  

 Karen lives and plays in the beautiful beach community of Port Franks, on Ontario's sunset coast, Lake Huron.  See what she, her dog Penelope, and cat Ziggy are up to by liking her Facebook page, Penelope's Hideaway @portfranks.ca.

When she’s not trying to save the planet, Karen will most likely be playing with plants, letting her dog walk her, or patiently awaiting another tall tale to whisper, “write me.”