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Written and won grants for Federal and Provincial Infrastructure Funds, Celebrate Ontario, etc.

Grant writing is an art.  A combination of research, sales and story telling, each one is different.  But whether you need an application for Celebrate Ontario, Going Global Innovation, or Green Infrastructure, let us use our grant writing success totaling millions to apply for your funding.  See below for descriptions and links for portals, and a few select grant ideas.




Won Economic Development of Ontario award for best tourism  and Ec Dev strategies for Elgin County.

Before you can even apply for that funding, pitch that new client, or market your product, you need a strategy that sings.  Let us write your lyrics.




Marketing documents include press releases, brochures, website copy, ads, songs, advertorials.

From advertorials, to attraction packages, to website or brochure copy, let the team at Write to Work create a compelling story that does more than spread words.





See the files below for samples.

Listing of Potential Grants

Whether you're looking for funding for innovations, sustainable development, to create new technology, hire additional staff, expand into new markets, or create the next block buster, there are Federal and Provincial grant opportunities.  

Although there are literally thousands of grants, each with specific criteria and goals, here's brief descriptions and links to a few to suit different businesses.  We will do our best to add to this list as we come across them.

With over $3,000,000 (and counting) awarded to Write To Work written applications, our writing services can help you fund your next big thing.


Federal Grants

Canadian Innovation Grant Search Portal

The master grant search portal.  Just plug in the answers to a few screens of questions, and this cool app will spit out a plethora of possibilities, both Federal and Provincial.

Can Export Grant

Up to $50,000.00, potentially twice in one year, to take your product into a new international market.  The grant will cover costs like going to trade shows, marketing, travel, etc.  You're expected to contribute 50%.

A Write to Work writer has successfully won several Can Export grants.

Canada Job Grant

Funds up to $10,000 or two-thirds of fees to hire eligible third party trainers available through community or career colleges, trade union centres or private companies.  And, if your company has less than 50 employees, you may be able to include your employee's wages as your contribution.

Going Global Innovation Fund

Up to $75,000 or 75% of projected costs to partner/work with an organization in another country to perfect your product.

Write to Work has only written one Going Global application, but it was successful.


5 programs to promote and support economic diversification and growth in Northern Ontario.

Write to Work has extensive, successful experience writing several FedNor grants. 

Northern Ontario Development Program – Hiring New Graduate

$31,500.00 or 50% (whichever is less) to hire a recent graduate for businesses in Northern Ontario.  This is a Federal Grant, not to be confused with one provided by NOHFC.

Strategic Innovation Fund

5 Category Streams to tackle different innovation expansion objectives for a better Canada.  This is Canada's big ticket attraction for new big business with the goals to create jobs and strengthen our middle class.  Up to $10,000,000.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Currently this fund is accepting applications for The SD Tech Fund, which supports pre-commercial projects that have the potential to demonstrate significant and quantifiable environmental and economic benefits in areas such as: climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil.   The windfall is up to 50% of approved projects.

Accessible Technology Program

Funding to assist new adaptive digital devices and technologies that make it easier for disabled persons to fully participate in the digital economy.

Ontario Grants

Ontario Grant Portal

The master, find any Ontario grant portal.  If you haven't already, you'll need to set up an account and password - but after that - you can virtually search through hundreds of choices.

Write to Work has successfully written Ontario grants for hiring interns, infrastructure improvements, employing summer students and Celebrate Ontario to expand a festival.

Forestry Growth Fund

Up to 20% for forestry related businesses to update or improve, stay more competitive or open new markets, as long as the funds aren't earmarked for harvesting or extraction.

Ontario Creates 

Grants For Categories of; Collaboration, Book, Film & TV, Interactive Digital Media, Magazine or Music 


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